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Press Releases

View our press releases to learn about the latest Metagenics science and research, products, educational programs, and other developments.

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2015/11/02 Metagenics Names Brent Eck as New President and CEO
2015/01/05 Metagenics Renews Commitment to Vitamin Angels to Help At-Risk Children
2014/12/22 Metagenics Announces Leadership Transition Plan
2014/12/22 Metagenics Introduces the Science-Based Clear Change™ Daily Essentials
2013/02/14 Metagenics Launches FirstLine Therapy Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program
2012/06/06 Metagenics Hosts First Lifestyle Medicine Summit to Address Growing Epidemic of Chronic Illness
2012/05/24 Metagenics Announces Groundbreaking Research Findings
2012/05/03 Metagenics, Inc. Introduces NutraGems CoQ10 300 Chewable Gels
2012/03/27 Metagenics Introduces the Science-Based Clear Change™ Program for Metabolic Detoxification
2012/03/14 Best Selling Author Mark Hyman, MD to Speak on Reversing “Diabesity” at Metagenics University Seminar
2012/03/08 Metagenics’ Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Inducted into the New Hope Natural Media 2012 Hall of Legends
2012/02/15 Metagenics, Inc. Introduces New Wellness Essentials Personalized Daily Nutrition Packets®
2012/02/13 Metagenics’ Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Is Awarded Nutrition Business Journal’s 2011 Education Award
2012/02/08 Metagenics’ One-of-a-Kind PhytoMulti™ Supplement Now Available with Iron
2011/12/13 Metagenics Launches 2012 “Year of You” Program
2011/12/07 Metagenics Launches PhytoMulti™, the “Smart Multi”
2011/10/04 Metagenics® Presents Seminars on the Role of Metabolic Detoxification for the Management of Chronic Illnesses
2011/09/27 Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer of Metagenics, Inc. to Host Workshop on Breakthrough Medical Foods at Harvard Medical School’s 2011 World Health Forum
2011/09/22 Metagenics Launches UltraMeal® PLUS 360° Stevia to Its Line of Breakthrough Medical Foods
2011/08/09 Take the Stress Test: What Is Your Stress Type?
2011/07/28 Metagenics Ultra Flora Plus DF Manages Symptoms of Functional Bowel Discomfort
2011/07/06 Metagenics Partners with Vitamin Angels to Help Children with Vitamin A Deficiencies
2011/06/06 Metagenics' Poster Presentations at National Lipid Association Show Sustainability of Lifestyle Medicine Program Results and Value of Omega-3 (Fish Oil) in Heart Health
2011/06/04 Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer of Metagenics, Inc. Receives Linus Pauling Functional Medicine Lifetime Achievement Award
2011/05/19 Breakthrough Medical Food Reverses Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes